Let’s work together

Our specialists come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and all have something in common – direct experience of, and a passion for, the not-for-profit sector.

Our team has outstanding, sector-leading experience in business planning, fundraising, stakeholder engagement, communications, marketing, strategic planning and policy shaping.

Funding Strategies & Bid Development

Devising a framework for investment presents many challenges, to be useful, the framework cannot be too general or too specific. At Gray Lakes Funding we have an understanding of the diverse and durable funding streams available and how to construct sound strategic planning. We follow a seven step process, for more information get in touch.

Research & Evaluation

Gray Lakes Funding is committed to diverse, cross-disciplinary research that focuses on monitoring and evaluating projects to help build sustainability and lasting impact. We understand that research is only useful if people use it, our researchers have a track record of getting people to engage in research and use the findings to inform decision making by blending in depth knowledge of qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Influencing the Sector & Gathering Support

Engagement with your sector is best considered before a project even begins, in the planning process and through discussions with stakeholders. Planning effective ways of bringing your message to people who can make a difference is crucial. A central strand of our influencing work is truly understanding project deliverables and disseminating evidence-based project work directly to politicians that influence.

Stakeholder Engagement

Discovering the need and benefit of collaboration with stakeholders can be a painful experience and there is a real risk of failing to identify the important stakeholders, when to engage and why we engage them. We have a strong track record of identifying relevant information for each stakeholder, defining their role in the project and management of expectations within the project.

Hands-On Involement

Wil works across the UK supporting small and large voluntary sector organisations

Wil works across the UK supporting small and large voluntary sector organisations

Wil’s policy role back at the Big Lottery Fund led him to hands-on involvement with programme design and development. He created his consultancy in 2015 and is always keen to support groups beyond the writing of the bid, he often supports groups with consultation strategies, data collection and reporting, evaluation plans and social media content.